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How do I raise the price for all new customers?

Note: Making changes to a unit type will NOT change the price of existing customers who are renting that size of unit.

How to change the price of a unit type (unit size category).

1. Log in to your software.

2. Hover over the Unit tab and select Unit Types.


3. Locate the unit size of which you want to change the price. Click the far right Edit button on the line of that unity type.


4.  Scroll down to the bottom where you will find a price field. Change the price to whatever you intend to rent the units for in the future. Click Update Unit Type. You are done! (Again, it will not alter existing customer prices. See A-B below.)


A. Note how if you go to the grid view (found under the Unit tab), the available units show a new price of $65, as opposed to the original $45.


B. If, however, you click on Unit 63 which is currently rented by customer Tom Smith, you can see his price is still the $125 we originally gave him when he rented the unit back in 2012.


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