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Importing Customers

To import customers you will need to create a spreadsheet with 16 columns first. The 16 fields should be in this order:

Name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Phone, Cell Phone, Remind By Text, Drivers License Number, Social Security Number, Employer Name, Employer Phone, Emergency Contact, Emergency Phone, Referred By, Email.

Not all fields need to be included for us to import. The more you can give us, the better, but if all you have is the customer's name, that is fine as well. With regards to the cell phone column, you CAN add a name next to the number, and the software text messages will still go through. Example: 999-999-9999 Lisa. Note that the phone number MUST BE 10 DIGITS LONG for the text messages to go through, so be sure to include the area code.

Once you're done, email it to us at We will save it as a csv file and import it for you!

This Example Spreadsheet will show you what it should look like. 

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