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Adding a New Customer

You can add a new customer manually. They don't have to go through the website. Follow the steps below to add the customer through the "Manager" login side.

1) Login to the software

2) Click the Customers tab

3) Click the New Customer sub-tab


4) Enter the customers information

5) Click Save Customer 

If you do not have all of the information that is 'required' do not worry about it! As a manager you do not have to enter all of the information, you can just enter the name and edit the rest late if needed.

The 'required' fields are only required for the customers when they create their own profile online.

To edit which fields, are required, for customers, you can go to:

1) Click Customers tab

2) Click Field Settings sub-tab


3) Here you can turn on and off any of the settings and add additional fields that are required for your facility (scroll to the bottom to add fields)

**NOTE: All fields will ALWAYS show for the manager! Even if you turn them off completely for the customers.

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