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Moving Out a Tenant

To move a customer out, simply find the tenant in the management software under the "Customers" tab. Once you have found the tenant click on their name, this will bring you to the tenants page/profile.

Scroll down and you will be able to see the title "Current Rentals". Under this title you will see what units the tenant is currently renting. On the right hand side of a current rental there is a "move out" button (if the button says Approve click that and then it will say Move out).

When you click on the "move out" button you will be asked to "Schedule the Move Out", here you can choose the day the customer is going to move out. If the customer has already moved out or is moving out that day you can leave the date on the current day.

After you have scheduled the move out you can either Finalize and Approve the move out (this will complete the move out process and make the unit available once again), or you can Approve later (this would be if someone is moving out the end of the month so you schedule the move out but it will not be approved until later).

Finalize and Approve: using this feature will, as said above, make the unit available, stop the customers monthly invoicing, and allow the unit to be rented/reserved again.

Approve Later: using this feature will continue to invoice the customer until finalized and approved, not show the unit available, and WILL continue recurring billing.

DEPOSITS: Once you have Finalized and Approved a move out you CANNOT change the deposit. It will ask you how much of the deposit is being refunded vs forfeited. This number CANNOT be changed one the Finalize and Approve button has been clicked.

GATE CODE: If you have a gate on the Finalize and Approve move-out screen you will want to either change the gate or take the code out completely. This can be changed after the move-out without a problem.

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