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How do I enter, change or edit an email in a customer profile?

To enter, change or edit an email in a customer profile: Click on the Customers tab, this will take you to the All Customers subtab. Click on the customer you are wanting to edit. When you are on the customer profile click on the Edit Profile button that is to the right of the Make a Payment button. On the Edit Profile page scroll down until you see the Login Information. Here you can enter, edit or change an email address.

When you enter an email address it will REQUIRE you to add a username and password. We have found it easiest to use the email address as the Username and the customers First or Last name as the password.

After you have saved this information you CANNOT erase the email address. It can be changed and edited but the software will not allow you to delete the email.

If you would like to remove an email from a customers account and they do not have an email address to replace it, you will have to use an email like in the email field.

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