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How do I delete or archive someone?

Currently, there is no way to delete a customer. You can archive the customer which is like deleting except that you can still find the archived customer in the future if you needed to. To archive a customer...

Click on the Customers tab, find the customer and click on their name. This will take you to the customer account page.

Click on the Edit Profile button, and then click on the Archive button. This will archive the customer from any reports and from your view.

The only way to find an archived customer is to click on the Customers tab and then select Archived in the drop down option next to the search bar at the top. Once you select "archived" hit the "search" button out to the right.

If you are archiving a customer make sure their balance is zero. If you leave a balance on their account it will still show in your reports and could make it confusing. 

NOTE: The system will automatically archive someone who is deleted from the waiting list. 

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