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Turning On Automatic Messages

No messages—email or text—will go to your customers without you first turning them on (enabling them). Likewise, you cannot customize which messages will or will not go to a customer under the "edit notifications" section until the master templates have been turned on (see below for instructions on customization).

How to Turn On Automatic Templates

1. Sign in to your software.

2. Hover over the Email/Txt/Print tab and select Templates.


3. There are two kinds of templates: automatic and custom. The automatic, if enabled, will be automatically sent by the software. Custom templates must be manually sent by you if you wish a customer to receive it.

If you want, say, the invoice to go out automatically, you would first click on the  invoice link.


4. You would then click the "Email Enabled" and "Text Enabled" check boxes. Make sure you read through the templates because they are very general, and the wording may not apply to your facility.


5. After you have read through the templates and checked the boxes, click Update Template.3.png

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