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How can I print letters for all of my customers at the same time?

To print or email a custom template to a customer:

1. You need to create the custom template if you don't have one already. Go to Email Txt & Print Then to Templates. From here you will see that there are two sections: Automatic Templates, and Custom Templates


You will need to create a Custom Template, so scroll down to the bottom and click on New Custom Template


2. After you have created a New Custom Template you can go to the Email, Txt & Print tab and Print/Email Letters sub-tab. From here, there is a filter where you can select which types of customers you want to send the letter/email to as well as the Custom Notification Template that you created. You can also select which customers you want to send to by checking/unchecking the boxes to the left.


3. After you have the top options selected, you will need to select the bottom options:


Then click either Generate PDF or Send Emails.


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