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How do I make a prepayment?

To do a prepayment:


1. Click on the Customers tab
2. Search for the customer that you are making the prepayment for
3. Click on their name to go to their profile
4. From their profile click on Make a Payment
5. In the bottom left corner you will see a Prepay button.


6. From here you will set the prepaid plan. If the plan if different than the default, click the drop down and choose Custom.


7. If you choose custom:

a. Enter the Monthly price before discount (this is what the customer pays for rent each month)
b. Edit the billing cycle (how many months they are prepaying)


8. Choose the payment method: Credit card (one time card), ACH, Cash, Check, Card Swipe(Collected Externally).
9. Click Make Payment
10. You are done!


**NOTE: If you customer is doing a prepayment for more than one UNIT you have to do each unit individually (to choose the unit you will see the drop down before you hit the Prepay button, Pink arrow, Step 5)

**NOTE: If there is a credit on your customers account the prepayment will wash with the credit before it will accept another payment.

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