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Making a Payment Overview

To make a payment for a specific client, log in to the management software, click on the customers tab, search for the specific customer. Once you find the customer, click on the customer's name. This will open up their account. Now, click on the "Make a Payment" button. This will bring up any line items that the client owes you for.


You can click on the "Pay" button to make a payment to a specific line item or you can click on "Make a Payment" to make a payment to more than one line item. After you click on the "pay" or "make a payment" links, you will have the option to make a payment using cash, credit card, or check. Make sure that you have created a check batch over on the "Reports" tab before you try to post a check or cash. If there is no check batch created then you will not see the options of cash and check during the make a payment process under "Payment Type".

Here are the 3 different ways to make a payment; "Pay" "Make a Payment" "Prepay"

On the "Make a Payment" page for the customer, you will see any outstanding invoiced items on the tenants account with a blue "Pay" button to the right of those line items. by clicking those "Pay" buttons you can pay individual line items.

If you click on the "Make a Payment" button at the bottom of this screen you will be asked to enter a dollar amount and payment method, if your payment amount exceeds what the customer owes, then the software will take the excess and add it as a credit on the tenant's account. As the customer gets new bills, the software will eat away at that credit until it's gone. Note that the next bill date will continue to be on the same cycle as it was before and won't push the next bill date into the future. The tenant will continue to get text and email messages for their monthly invoice, however, the messages will also let them know that they have a credit on their account

If you click on the prepay button, you will have the option to pay ahead on the tenants' account, When the tenant pays ahead the excess rent will be taken as revenue now and then the "next bill date" will be pushed out further in the future. No credit will be added to the account. This results in the tenant not getting any text or email messages until the next bill date that was pushed into the future.


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