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How do I find customer account balances?

You can find a customers balance in many different ways.
From the Units Tab:
*Sitemap (if you have yours completed) & Grid view (sorted by unit size): any units can be scrolled over, when scrolling over them they will show you the status of the unit, customer name, customer phone number and balance of customer account; Rented (red), Available (green); Moving out (yellowish/orange); Locked out (blue); Unavailable (grey). *List View (sorted by unit number): This shows the customers name, phone number, email and balance. If the customer has more than one unit each unit will show the total balance on the customers account. For Example: If John has rented unit 2 & 3 and has a balance of $60.00. Next to both units it will show $60.00. This means the customer owes a total of $60.00, you do not add the two balances together.
From the Customers Tab:
When on the All Customers subtab you will be able to see all customer balances in the second to right column. If you click on any customer you will be able to see their billing history, which shows all the line items on how the balance came to be. Also, at the top of the customer profile underneath their Phone & Cell Phone number there is a Outstanding, Credit and Balance. This shows the customers outstanding invoices minus the credits (if they have any) coming to the balance.

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