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How can I clean up a client's billing history?

To archive a line item in a customer's billing history, you will go to the Customers tab and All Customers sub-tab. Select the customer that you are wanting to modify. Scroll down until you see Billing History. Take a look at the below picture. Let's say I accidentally invoiced them on 8/17/2017 for $521.61. I will want to void that invoice and archive it as well. To do this, I will click on the date 8/17/2017


After you click on this you will see the line item in detail. There is a field called Before Tax Amount. You will be able to change this as long as this invoice has not been paid off already.

*You will want to make sure you zero out or void an invoice before you archive it, or it will show up on your reports.


After you change it to 0, Save. Scroll back up and click on his name. Scroll back down to the Billing History. Right below all of their line items you will see a Full History button. After you click on Full History, you can check the box to the left of the line item and click Archive Selected at the bottom.

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