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How do I refund a customer's credit card?

To issue a refund back onto a credit card you will need to log in to your respective gateway account. Your gateway would be one of these companies:, Moneris (Canadian), Payjunction, Global Gateway (Firstdata), Payments Gateway, MSDpay, PayPros, or Transaction Express (Select Merchant Solutions). You should have one of these 8 different gateways. When you first set your gateway up in the beginning you received an email with the website address and your login credentials. If you need help finding those call your Gateway company and they can help you. Once you have logged into your gateway simply find the transaction you are trying to refund and then find the area for that transaction that says "refund" or "reverse charge" something along those lines. If you need help you can always call us or if you call your gateway company they can help too.

If you use's gateway, you can watch this video Click Here

if you don't have your Rentpayment username and password you will need to check with rentpayment to get that from them. their support email is

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