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Accrual Report: See All Charged Items Within a Date Range

The accrual report is a fantastic mixture of revenue and expected revenue. It lists all charged items within a specific date range and whether or not customers have made payments yet.

1. Log in to your account through your website.


2. Under the reports tab dropdown, select All Reports (you could also select Accounting/Financials to access the same screen).


3. Click the Accrual link under the Accounting/Financials column.


4. At the top of the report, you will see a couple fields: "Display" and "Invoices From." Don't be confused by the word "Invoice."  In the software, we often say "invoice" and mean "rent."  In this report, however, "invoice" means any charged items, not just rent (as you can see in the example below).


5. To use the report, I recommend leaving the display setting as "all" (see #6 for additional options).  You can then input any date range. The image below shows any and all charges posted to customer accounts during September. Don't forget to hit "load" after inputting the date range.


5.  One nice feature of the accrual report is that it shows all amounts charged and whether or not the amount has been paid.


At the bottom of the report, you have total amounts charged and total amounts collected. Tax is separated for convenience.


6. What if you want to see only non-rent items charged to customer accounts?  The display dropdown at the top allows you to filter out rent, insurance, and other charged items.


7. To print or download the file, you have two options in the top right corner: format for printing or download as a CSV (comma separated values).

8. If you want to download the report or if you want to print the report, click the "Format for Printing" button. A screen like the one below will appear in a new tab. 


9. To Print the report, simply press the "print this page" button at the top.

10. To Download the report onto your computer as a PDF, you will also click the "print this page" button.  Where your printer is listed, click the "change" button.


Select "Microsoft Print to PDF."  Click "print." The computer will ask you where you want to save the file. You must select a location to continue (when in doubt, the desktop is a good place to save files). When you click "print," the file will be saved wherever you indicated. It will also come up in a new window as a PDF file.


11. To download as a CSV, click the "Download CSV" grey button at the top right of the report page. The file will be downloaded either at the bottom of your page or under the upside down arrow at the top of your screen (see below). It just depends on what browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer). When you click on the file, it will open in a Word document.


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