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Management Summary Report

The Management Summary Report is designed to give owners/managers a quick summary of how their facility is doing. It shows a percentage of units rented; how much money was made over the day, week, month, and year; what number of people moved in/moved out, and lists the total payments received from customers.

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on All Reports under the Reports tab.


3. Click the Management Summary link under the "Facility" column.


4. The date you input will be the "to" date in the report. All records will begin from the beginning of the year to the date you input in this column. Click the Load Report button.


5. The management summary report has various sections. 

"Payments" shows total payments made over certain days and weeks, organized by how the payment was made.

"Activity" lists all move-ins and move-outs of the day, months, and year.

"Sales" includes the totals of different types of charges (rent, late fees, etc.). 

"Occupancy" gives percentages of reserved, available, rented, and unavailable units. 



6. To print the report, click the Format for Printing button in the top right corner. 


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