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Rent Roll

The Rent Roll report allows you to sort and print customer data by various categories—customer name, bill date, unit number, deposit amount, etc. 

1. Log in to your account through your website.

2. Hover over the Reports tab and click on All Reports.


3. Click the Rent Roll report under the Facility column.


4. As you can see below, there are myriad columns and data by which you can sort the report: unit number, unit size, customer name, move in date, billing day (next bill date), rental rate, etc.


5. To sort the report, click on the dropdown box at the top of the page, and select the desired column title. Click "Sort."


As you can see in the example below, this report was sorted by "Billing Day" and lists the customers by their bill date in ascending order.


6. To print the report, click the Format for Printing button.


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