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Declined Credit Cards Report

Note: The Failed Recurring Billing email, if enabled, will go both to the tenant and also to the email located in the "Email, Txt & Print" tab > Settings. 

You can run a report to see all the declined credit cards over any specified date range. 

1. Log in to your account from your website.

2. Click the Reports tab and select either "All Reports" or "Accounting/Financials." Either will take you to the next screen.


3. Click the "Declined Credit Cards" report under the Accounting/Financials column.


4. You can specify what kind of cards you want to show in the report: credit cards (will show all failed transactions), only customers on recurring billing, or one-time cards (transactions not on recurring billing).


5. Set the date range and click "Load Report."


6. The report shows the date of the transaction, who the customer is, what kind of payment it was, why the card failed, and the amount of the item being billed.  

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