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Reports You Can Download as a CSV File

Here is a list of the reports you can download as CSV files:

* Expected Revenue
* Revenues
* Accrual
* Management Summary
* Unit Notes
* Rent Roll
* Square Footage

To download the file:

1. Click on any of the above reports.

2. In the top, right-hand corner of the new screen will be a grey button that says "Download CSV." Click this button.


3. Once you've clicked on the button, it will show up as a downloaded file on your computer. Where the file shows up depends on what computer browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).You will want to click on the file in order to open it.

The download may show at the bottom of the computer screen:


The download may show if you click on an arrow at the top of your computer screen;



OR three vertical dots to open the menu and select "Downloads".



4. Once you've clicked on the file, it should open in a Word document.  From there, you can save or print it.


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