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Check Batches: System-Generated Deposit Slip

The check batch logs all check payments and, when printed, is essentially a large deposit slip you can take to the bank with your checks. This page will go over how to create a check batch and also how to use/print a check batch.

Note: If a check batch has not been created, the system will not allow you to enter check payments (checks will not be an option when you go to make a payment).

Creating a Check Batch

1. Log in to your software.

2. Hover over the  Reports tab and select All Reports (you could also select Accounting/Financials).


3. Under the Accounting/Financials section, select  Check Batches.


4. Click the  Create New Check Batch button.


5. You will need to create a name for your check batch. If you take your checks to the bank once a month, you might consider making the name the current month, as I did below. Click  Create Check Batch.


6. On the check batch report page, you will now see the check batch you just created. Note this page shows you when the batch was created, how many checks are currently in the batch, whether the batch is open or closed (open means you haven't deposited the checks yet), and gives you an option to edit or delete the check batch.

You can create more than one check batch. If you want checks separated for different deposit slips, you can consider having more than one batch open at a time.


How to Use a Check Batch

1. After creating a check batch, you can now begin taking check payments and log them in the check batch. To do this, first go to a customer's page, and click the Make a Payment button at the top.


2. Click the desired payment button (prepay or make a payment). Under the  Payment Method, select check. You can then enter the check number. Notice that below it, the check batch is automatically selected. If you have more than one check batch open, you can use the drop-down box to select a different batch.


3. If you return to the  Check Batch report (see above if you don't remember how to get there), the batch now shows 1 check in the queue.


If you click on the batch name, you can view the details of the checks associated with that batch. You can also change which batch the check is associated with (if you put it in the wrong one).


4. When you are ready to take your checks to the bank, click the  Format for Printing button in the top right corner of the page. 


5. The check batch will be opened in a new screen as a deposit slip. Print this and take it with you when you go to the bank. (The screen shot from below is an older check batch so you can see what it looks like with more than one check.)


6. After depositing your checks, you will want to close the check batch and start a new one. To do that, go back to the check batch report and click  Close.


7. The batch will disappear from the main page.  If you need to access it again (or any past check batches), click the  Closed Check Batches button in the top right of the page.


From this new screen, you can print again old check batches. You can also re-open a batch if you closed one prematurely.




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