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How do I sort the Collections report?

here are multiple filters you can use to customize your collections report list view.
1. First, log in to through your website. 
2. Hover over the " Reports" tab and select "All Reports."
3. Under the Accountings/Financials column, select " Collections."
4. This new screen will show you a variety of sort fields at the top of the page.   Make sure you click save after selecting one of the options!
5. " Days Behind" Field
In the example search below, I've sorted the data by customers who are between 5 and 10 days due. If you want to see all customers who are outstanding, leave these fields blank.
6. "Filter" Dropdown Field
From this dropdown, you can sort the list by further information. For instance, if you want to see who is past due and also "locked out" or who is past due on "recurring billing," you can sort those fields here.
7.JPG 7. "Sort" Dropdown Field
The "sort" dropdown is self explanatory. Use it to filter your collections report by name (alphabetically), outstanding balance, lock out date, etc.
8.  "25 Per Page" Dropdown Field
This dropdown controls how many customers show up on your page. Hopefully, you won't need to use this field often!

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