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How do I sort the customer list?

There are multiple filters you can use to customize your customer list view.
1. First, log in to through your website. 
2. Hover over the " Customer" tab and select "All Customers."
3. This new screen will show you a variety of sort fields at the top of the page.   Make sure you click save after selecting one of the options! Also, the sort settings will remain until you change it back to normal and click save.
4. " Name or Unit Number" Dropdown Field
From this dropdown box, you can sort your list alphabetically by the customers' names, emails, license number etc. Make sure to click save after selecting an option.
5. "All" Dropdown Field
From this dropdown, you can access your archived customers (you cannot access them any other way). You can also sort customers by who is on recurring billing or who is past due, etc. Don't forget to return your settings to "All" when you are done; otherwise, you will only see the filtered customers.
6. "25 Per Page" Dropdown Field
This dropdown controls how many customers show up on your page. Tip: I personally always set mine to "500" and click save when I first log in.  That way, I can easily use "CTRL F" to locate any customer account quickly. I find this much faster than clicking through multiple pages to find a customer whose name begins with "S."
7. Last note: Make sure to click save after making changes, or they won't reflect in your list.

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