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Insomniac Kiosks and ESS

Just a little training on Insomniac Kiosks. These Kiosks communicate to our Easy Storage Solutions software through an API. The API is an open API on our end which means that the Kiosk can do anything that our software can do but only if Insomniac programmed it to have those features on their end. 
The communication between the Kiosk and ESS should be a 2-way street so if something happens in our software then the Kiosk is updated to reflect that as well, and vice versa.
Unit Types have to have a name, that is the PMS Unit Type Description issue that was happening last week.
Second, all the names need to be uniform in format (first last or last, first) they can't have customers both ways. Don said that having the names first last works the best but as long as they are uniform it should work!

If you put the gate codes just in insomniac and someone rents a unit it does not send that gate code to the ESS software, However, if you enter the gate codes in the ESS software then someone rents a unit on the kiosk it will pull the code from our ESS software and let the customer know. So when entering gate codes make sure you have them entered into the ESS software.

Submitting cash payments: If your customer is submitting a cash payment through an insomniac kiosk, keep in mind that this cash payment will not be added to a particular check batch. You will need to keep a separate record of payments submitted through the kiosk, for your deposits, if you track your deposits through the check batches.
If you want to do a demo of what the kiosk screen looks like you can always play around with it here. 

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