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Reports Tab Overview

The software includes a variety of business reports grouped under three categories: Accounting/Financials, Customers, and Facility. 

To access reports:

1. Log in to your account from your website.

2. Hover your mouse over the "Reports" tab.

3. You will see that there are four options in the dropdown box: All Reports, Accounting/Financials, Customers, and Facility.

4. If you click on "All Reports," you will see all three report types on one page with their respective lists.

If, however, you hover over the "Reports" tab and select something other than "All Reports," the computer screen will only show the list of reports from the type you selected. For example, if you clicked "Customers" from the reports dropdown menu, this is what you would see.

We are constantly working to improve this tab by adding more relevant reports.

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