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Sales Report

The Sales Report lists all charges within a date range, but it is different than the accrual report because the sales report groups the charges by categories, not by customers: deposits, rent, fees, etc.

When you print the sales report, it now shows the date it was printed in the top left corner. We did this so you can always have record of when the report was printed.

1. After signing in from your website, hover over the Reports tab. You can then click the "All Reports" or "Accounting/Financials" report. Both will take you to the next screen. 



2. Click the Sales report under the "Accounting/Financials" column.


3. Select the date range; then click the Load Report button.


The report should load all charges within the date range you specified.


4. To print the report, click the "Format for Printing" button. The report will open in a new screen where you can print it. 


Note: The current date will print in the top margin of the page.


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