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How do I enable autopay (recurring billing) on a customer's account?

1. First, you need to be signed up with a credit card processing company. If you are not connected to one in our system, the RECURRING BILLING button on the customer's page will not show. 

2. Go to the customer's page > Click RECURRING BILLING.


4. Enter the credit card or the account/routing number information (you can change the account type on the page). The address must match the billing address of the customer!

5. After saving it, you will see an option to PAUSE the card. If you click the button, the card or account will remain on file but will not be charged automatically when the customer is due. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

A. How to delete a saved account or card: Click on EDIT next to the card and click DELETE in the top right. 

B. If the customer has a credit on his/her account, will the card be charged the full amount?  The card will only be charged whatever the credit will not cover.

C. Will the card be charged the entire balance on the account every month? No. The card will only be charged rent. Any additional fees will need to be charged manually.  

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