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Creating a Site Map

Create a Site Map

1. Click the  Edit Layout button in the top right corner.


2. At the bottom of the site map, you will see boxes (your units) with a unit number in them. You will drag those boxes onto the site map and position them and size them according to your facility.


To make it easier for you, we recommend leaving your 10x10 units the default size when you drag the units onto the site map. From there, you can scale the other units to be bigger or smaller.

The unit boxes can be re-sized from the bottom and the right only. The site map box can be re-sized from the bottom right corner to give you more space to add more buildings onto your map as well.

Example of Sizing Units

a. Let's say Unit 42 is a 10x10 unit, and Unit 40 is a 5X10 Unit.  I will drag Unit 40 next to Unit 42, and I will shorten it to be about half the height of Unit 42.


b. Now let's assume there is another 5x10 unit which will be under Unit 40. I drag that unit next to Unit 40, and make it the same height.


c. I can now drag Unit 15 underneath Unit 40.  If they don't fit right, I can move Unit 15 back, and shorten both units a little.


d. Say we have a unit that is a 10X20. That would be double the default size 10x10, so I would place the large unit underneath two 10x10 units, and I would lengthen it to the span of both put together.


3. Click Save Layout when finished

Note: If you would like help creating your site map we can help! Give us a call, 888-958-5967.

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