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Combining Two Software Programs Into One

Before we do anything we would like to lay out some of the details about if we go forward with it. This isn't to try and talk you out of it as much as it is to prevent you from being upset in the future if we do combine the two Easy Storage Software programs. We would hate to do it and then have the owners/managers frustrated later because they didn't realize that combining the software programs would be problematic to the way they're running their businesses. So, with that being said, here are a few things to think about if we combined two software programs into one. Keep in mind what we would be doing is copying the data from one software program and putting it into the remaining existing software program. 

1. The info that would be copied over from one of the facilities would include the tenant's account page, the units, the rentals, and the balances. The info that would not copy over would be the billing history of the tenants the unit history. Also, the reports would not reflect any previous data from 1 of the facilities. 

2. Combining software programs would, in turn, combine all the financials so when looking at the reports going forward they would show as one facility. The only way to separate and view reports would then be by filtering based on "unit type". there is no report that separates via the property.

3. You would only be able to connect 1 gate software to the easy storage software program.

4. If you ever sold the facility it would more of a pain to separate out the financials for the new owner, plus giving them all the data for that specific facility would be laborious.

5. Marketing - This is what I feel is one of the most important things to think about. Because you would only have 1 website with 1 software but you have 2 facilities, you could potentially lose flow on the tenant side. For example, if someone gets confused on your website because there are multiple facilities to rent from, they could be confused and leave your site and rent somewhere else. Or if they are renting a unit and they have to go through 1 more step of selecting what facility they are trying to rent from, as well as where they need to go to get to their facility. If making this process a little more difficult for the end user resulted in losing 1 or 2 tenants then that could make the difference of the money you thought you would be saving from combining the two software programs together. 

We would have to charge a fee to make this merging of two software programs happen, it takes time for our programmers to make it happen
If you still want to go through with it, we will be happy to assist you in making this change. Let us know what questions you have. 

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