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How do I see who is on or add someone to the waiting list?

1. To see who is on the waiting list, or to add someone manually to the list, go to the Report tab and click All Reports.


2. Under the Customer's column, select Waiting List.


3.  Here, you can see who is on the waiting list as well as who is scheduled to move out (as an added bonus!).

You can edit customer information or create notes for your personal use. When a unit becomes available, you can rent the unit to the waiting customer from this page as well.

Note: You can also see when the person was added to the waiting list. These customers do NOT know when a unit has become available. You can pick and choose to whom you want to rent the unit. 

4. To add someone to the waiting list, you must first create a new customer. Then click the "Add Tenant to Waiting List" button.


5. A new screen will appear where you can select the customer, the desired unit, and the desired move-in date.


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