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Making a Customer ACH Payment

Follow the steps below to make a one-time ACH payment.

1) Go to customers account. 

2) Click Make a Payment at the top. 


3) Click the "Make a Payment" button down below.

4) Select "One Time ACH" in the drop down menu.Capture14.PNG

5) Fill in the following information and click "Make Payment".Capture15.PNG

*If you don't see the option to make an "ACH Payment" you might need to check your settings under the "setup" tab to see if your payment methods are allowing "ACH" if it's "grayed out" your merchant account may not allow ACH payments, and you will need to check with them to see if you can allow ACH payments. 

*Also ACH payments are not like Credit Card payments which we can get a response back immediately if the funds were available or not. ACH payments take a long time going through bank firewalls etc to verify that a bank account has funds. So the software will always show that ACH was "successful" if there is a problem with the ACH transaction you will be notified later via email. 

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