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Cloud Access Control: Quick Setup Guide

7 Step Quick Setup Guide

1. Hang Cloud Controller

  • Mount Controller in a unit or office
  • There are 3 holes in the case of the Cloud Controller (in this case we mounted it to a server tower using the two outermost holes)


2. Run Wire

  • Run 22/6 wire to each keypad from cloud controller
  • Run 18/2 wire to the gate opener motor from the cloud controller

3. Mount and Wire Keypad(s)

  • Mount keypad bracket to wall or keypad pedestal hood
  • Connect keypad wires to 22/6 conductor wire (Connect Red Black Green White and Brown with gelled connectors)

  • Blue + Yellow + gray wires will not be used

  • Remount keypad to bracket

4. Wire Gate Opener

  • Check your gate opener motor manual for correct terminals to connect 18/2 wire

5. Wire Cloud Controller

  • Wire Keypads as pictured above (22/6 wire)
  • Most Gate openers wire to C and NO (18/2 wire)
  • Connect power and ground
  • Wire ELK Transformer

  • Plug in Ethernet

6. Power up System

  • NOTE: Do not disconnect power or ethernet for at least 20 minutes after
    powering up cloud controller. When it first turns on it checks for updates
    and downloads/installs the latest version. If you unplug during the update
    you can brick the cloud controller and it will have to be sent off to be
    manually updated...
  • Plug Transformer into outlet

7. Call Ryan @Easy Storage for Configuration 435-250-4522

  • Once everything is wired and connected call us to configure your gate
    and ESS software.

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