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2017 - 11/27 Software Update

Software Updates as of 11/27/2017

Here is a list of recent software updates:

Scheduled Move-out Report: Order
Rentals are now sorted by the move-out date on the scheduled move-out report.

Mass Void Unpaid Line Items: Improvement
We added a "select all" to the "mass-void unpaid line items" page, so you no longer have to click each unpaid line item.

Dashboard: Improvement
We added statistics for past-due accounts to the dashboard, so you can now see what percentage of your tenants are past due. 

Facility Blog: RSS Feed
We added an RSS Feed Icon on each of your blog pages (if you use the blog feature). For an example, click here

Collections Report: Improvements
We added a unit type column on the collections report, so you can see the types/sizes of each unit next to the rentals listed.
We added a CSV download capability to the collections report.
Also, you are now able to sort the collections report by how far behind your tenants are.

Email Address: "+" Signs
You can now enter the plus sign (+) as part of a tenant's email address. For example, if your tenant's email is, he can now opt to have mail sent to

Website: Footer Option
We included the capability to add images to your website footer under Website > Settings. 

Website: YouTube & Yelp Links
Under Website > Settings, you can now add your Yelp business listing link and your YouTube account link so your website footer will display icons for these sites/pages.

Deposits: Void Unpaid Deposits On Move-out
Now, after moving out a tenant who has not paid the deposit, the system will automatically void the unpaid charge.  This comes in handy when you accidentally move a tenant into the wrong unit.

Customer Notes: Simple HTML
You can now use basic html tags on the notes for each tenant found at the bottom of the "Edit Profile" page. This means you can use <b> for making words bold or <i> for italics and <a> for web links. Pasting a website link in the customer notes will automatically make it clickable to go to that webpage. 

Credit Without Payment: Enhancement
On credits without payments, there is now a record of who made the transaction (recorded under the username) in the report called "Credit Without Payment." This allows you to see which manager issued the credit. We also added the username stamp to the credit details page when you click on the date of the credit from the billing history. 

Revenue Report: Added Creator Column
We added a new column to the Revenue Report that shows "Payment Made By" to show what user made the payment. This comes in handy to see quickly if the tenant was made by an owner/manager or by the tenant online.

Move-in/Move-out Report: Track Manager
The manager that scheduled the move-out is now found on the move-in/move-out report. The report is also now showing which manager/owner finalized the move-out.

Schedule Move-out: Allow Tenants to Schedule Move-outs
When this setting activated, your tenants have the ability to initiate the scheduling of their move-out while logged in to their online accounts. To turn on this setting, go to the setup tab > settings > look for the checkbox next to "customers can schedule move outs."  If a tenant schedules his own move-out, you are still required to finalize and approve the move-out as an owner or manager, and all billing will continue until you facilitate that move-out on your end. 

Website: Sticky Header
Under Website > Settings, you can now opt to make your website header "sticky" so it stays in place when you navigate/scroll up or down on your website. 

Website: Larger Logo Sizes
Under Website > Settings, we now offer the ability to upload larger logos to be displayed on the marketing website we provide. You now have three options to choose from. The edit page looks like this:

Prorating: Manager Default Prorating Option
We added a default prorating for manager rentals. This makes it so when a manager/owner performs a rental, the software will automatically select your company's preferred prorating option. To activate this feature, go to your setup tab > settings > scroll down to the "Default Prorating for Manager Rentals" > select your preferred prorating option > click "Update Settings."

Prepayment: Improvements
Payments made by tenants no longer default to the unit price but rather defaults to the price your specific tenant is paying. 

Rental Section: Editing Scheduled Move-outs Button
We changed the design of the customer rentals box on the main customer account page in order to include a scheduled move-out edit or cancel button:

Contract: New Placeholders
We added the following placeholders to all templates:


Revenues Report: New Sort Option
We added a new "Grouped by" category that allows you to group your revenues report by "action type" i.e. rent, late fees, etc..

Login Screen: Auto-Focus
Now, when you or your tenants click on the login button on your website, the cursor will automatically focus on the username field which saves you from clicking on it to begin typing.

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