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How does my customer print his invoice or account history?

How a Customer Prints his Entire Billing History

1. Your customer needs to sign in through your website (just like you do).

2. His page will look like the one shown here.

3. Have him scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click Full History.

4. From here, he will need to scroll all the way to the bottom again and click Download as PDF.

5. The history will open in a new screen as a PDF. If the customer hovers his mouse over the top, a bar will appear from which he can download the document to his computer or print it.

How a Customer Prints a Payment Invoice

1. After signing in to his account from your site, the customer will click on the date to the left of whichever payment line item he wants to print.

2. He will then click the Print button at the bottom.

3. In the new screen, he will click the Print this page button. 

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