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Retail Sale

This feature allows you to keep track of your products and the amount of products you have on hand. Follow the steps below to add items to your inventory.

1) Log in to your account

2) Scroll over the Customers tab

3) Click the Retail Sale sub-tab


4) Click Add a Product

5) Fill in the "New Product" form


6) Click Create Product

You can adjust the inventory, edit the product, and/or delete the product. Follow the steps below to change inventory, edit, and/or delete. 

1) Scroll over the Customers tab

2) Click the Retail Sale sub-tab

3) Click Change InventoryEdit, or Delete based on what you would like to do


You can also run reports for your inventory. Follow the steps below to run an inventory report:

1) Click the Reports tab

2) Under the third column, "Facility", click the Retail Inventory Summary link


3) Select dates and click Load Report. You can also print the report by clicking Format for Printing in the top, right hand, corner. 


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